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Hey guys! LONG time no talk! I am returning from a very long, 5 months, hiatus. These past 5 months I have just had a lot going on. As much as I love blogging and all of the wonderful people I have met this way, sometimes life just gets in the way.

But none the less, I AM BACK! And ready to go! I think that this break has been good for me, I have come back a little bit more focused, I have a little bit more direction on where I want to go, and I’ve come back with a new design set up.

During these past few months there are a couple things I have learned about myself and my reading style. Sometimes life just gets to be too much and what better way to escape then into the pages of a great book.

Things that have happened in my life since February:

  • Moving
  • A laid off Husband
  • Travels
  • A Busy Work Schedule


I give major props to people who keep their blogs going, even in the most trying times in life. I seriously couldn’t do it.

Books I’ve read while away:

  • Anything by Roni Loren that I could get my hands on, she is my new favorite author!
  • I finally finished The Mortal Instruments series…took me long enough!
  • The Calendar Girl Series
  • In A Dark Dark Wood
  • One With You

These are just a couple of the things I’ve read over the past few months.

Things I’ve learned while away:

  • I prefer Romance, Fiction, and Fantasy
  • I’m not really into YA as much
  • I don’t like having to be on a reading schedule
  • The library is a great tool


I had gotten to the point with this blog that it wasn’t fun anymore. I wasn’t really enjoying it as much as I wanted to. Now that was made possible by the fact that I have too many books to read. I was under the stress to get all of the review copies read and I was at the point that reading wasn’t fun anymore. When you have so much on your plate it’s hard to find enjoyment. So with that being said for at least a little while I will be focusing on simply writing reviews on the books I am reading. I wont be doing review copies unless it is something I am truly interested in. I simply want to come here and have fun and be able to share my thoughts with other bookworms alike. I want this to be my outlet, my little escape with people who share my hobbies and wan to chat with me about the new and exciting. So at least for a bit that is what my goal is.

Thank you all for staying connected with me even while I’ve been away! IM so glad to be back and look forward to connecting with all of you again!

What have you been up to the last 5 months? Have thoughts on the new direction or look of the site? Post below and lets connect!


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