About Me


“I read romance because it’s fun to fall in love. And with romance books, I get to do it over and over. I get to be different types of lovers, I get to feel the heartbreak of love and the successes. Love is the most powerful and real emotion we feel, and I think it’s sort of magical that we can experience some of the greatest loves of all time through books.”
― Kandi Steiner, A Love Letter to Whiskey




Well considering you have stumbled upon my blog I assume you would like to get to know me, or maybe not in which case just skip this page!

My name is Kaytlyn.

I’m a twenty something.

I have crazy hair, curent color: purple.

I reside in the lovely state of Colorado with my husband.

I have a almost 3 year old English Bulldog. His name is Duke. And he is very much my baby!

I like to read a lot, obviously hence the book blog.

My favorite genres include but are not limited to: Romance (of any kind really, I’m a sucker for a good love story), Thriller, Mystery, Horror, General Fiction, and some rare times Fantasy.

I wish I could be a full time blogger, but life is expensive therefore I must work!

I’m a crazy nerd for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.



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