Review Policy

Okay so you are interested in having me review a book or knowing how my review system works? Well here is all the information you need to know!


For Publishers:

Types of copies I will accept: E-copies or physical copies (please contact me for sending information).

Genres I will accept: 

  • Literary Fiction
  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Mystery/Thrillers
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror


Genres I will not accept: 

  • Non-Fiction


What I will include in my review:

  • Cover
  • Title, Author, Publication Date, Genre
  • Synopsis- from Goodreads or other sources
  • My honest review-spoiler free
  • A spoiler section, if I feel is needed
  • An overall rating out of 5 stars


Please keep in mind that I also run an Instagram page, so I might use cover in images I post.


How to get your book reviewed:

  • Use the contact sheet or send me and email directly at
  • Include the title of the book, author, publication date and synopsis
  • Image of the cover
  •  Whether your are sending and E-copy or a physical copy
  • Please let me know if there are any restrictions to my above policy you need.


My Rating System

1/5 stars= Not worth your time

2/5 stars= It was okay but had major flaws

3/5 stars = It was alright, I would recommend

4/5 stars= It was good, I would highly recommend

5/5 stars= One of my all time favorites, you need to read this book now!

Thank you for your interest in a review here at The Bohemian Bookworm…hope to be in touch soon!