Finding Kate by Pamela Humphrey | Review




Title: Finding Kate

Author: Pamela Humphrey

Series: Hill Country Secrets #2

Publication Date: July 24th, 2017


Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it sometimes delays retribution.

After learning she was kidnapped as a child, Kate is eager to move to Texas. Alex—excited about their newly budding relationship—suggests a road trip to Denver to pack up her apartment. When her story hits the 24-hour news cycle, long-kept secrets threaten Kate and Alex’s happily-ever-after and their lives.

Kate wants to start over in the house her mother loved. Alex wants time for the relationship to deepen, but when the unthinkable happens, he realizes love rarely shows up alone.

In a hunt to find Kate, Alex lands at her laptop, searching. Can he keep her alive? Can he keep her at all?


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| I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review |


Finding Kate is the second book in the Hill Country Secrets series, the first book in this series is Finding Claire and you can find my review Here. This is a series that must be read in order! Finding Kate picks up right where the first one leaves off. Kate and Alex have put the bad behind them, Kate is ready to make the move from Colorado to Texas and they are headed back to pack up Kate’s apartment. Kate has had a lot of unexpected changes in her life as of late, and she is now discovering a whole new side to who she is…and she is ready to get settled down to say the least. But man oh man, Kate just can’t have anything simple it seems. Headed back from Colorado Kate and Alex seem to run into some more trouble.


I really enjoyed Finding Claire, it kept me guessing and on my toes. Finding Kate was no different! Just as we thought our MCs were going to be able to take a break and explore their new lives as well as their relationship, they are thrown into peril again. I loved the way to story unfolded this time around. Between kidnappings, family drama, and the romance, I wasn’t given the opportunity to slow down while reading!  There might have been parallels to the first book but the way it was plotted made it come together wonderfully. One of my favorite parts was that we got to learn more about Kate’s biological family tree. The ancestry element was able to be played up more in this book and it added an interesting layer into the mix. Not only that but we got to experience more in the relationships between Kate and Alex, I just love these two together!!!


One of the things that surprised me most about this book was that, even though it was the second book in the series, it didn’t feel like it. Humphrey did a fantastic job bringing new plot points to us and shaping them oh so well. Too many times the second book in the series falls flat…Finding Kate did no such thing! I am coming to expect books that will bring the elements of suspense, mystery, and romance when it comes to Humphrey’s books. I will be on the lookout from more from her in the future!


Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars!


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