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Top Ten Tuesday | Couples That Would Make It In The Real World

Hello Loves!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! As you know the lovely ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish are taking a break for their TTT posts until August. So despite that, I’m going to keep things going by doing old topics and/or just whatever floats my boat. So this week the topic I decided to go with is…


10 Couples I Think Would Make It In The Real World


As a reader of romance you come across many different types of couples. Crazy ones, emotional ones, the “opposite attract” kind, and then the couples who are so true they could be based on real life. So heres a toast to couples who would make it in the real world (or at least I hope)!!


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Chloe and Bennett 

Ask me who my favorite power couple is? The answer will be Chloe and Bennett. These two are seriously my favorite. Their relationship is on fire, and I have no doubt that these two would make it in real life.


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Kade and Tessa 

Kade and Tessa are are another of my favorite couples. Their second chance romance I truly believe would stand the test of time in real life.


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Hunter and Kata 

These two just have such an interesting relationship, from a menage, to waking up married, to the dangerous after effects. These two just surprised me at ever turn. No doubt these two could stick it out for real.

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Wade and Elliot 

Another second chance love story, and what a beautiful story it was. Hart writes characters that I truly believe could withstand anything including real life.


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Joel and Annika

Another Staci Hart couple. Enough said.

Untitled design (3)



Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy


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Sadie and Nathan 

I have no doubt about this couple being able to face real life. Why you ask? Because Hawkins writes stories about real life. The struggles that they face as a couple in this book prove that they can overcome everything.

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London and Luke

My laid back surfers. They are just such a real down to earth couple. That’s what landed them on this list.

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Dane and Kat

These two are willing to fight for each other…and fight hard at that.

Untitled design (3)



Owen and Auburn

This one is a little more far fetched for me to think. But I can hope right?? I just love them!!

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What do you guys think? Do you think these couples would make it in real life? Have any others you would add?

As always feel free to leave the link to your TTT post below so I can check it out!


Until Next Time…

Kaytlyn (3)





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