Tycoon by Katy Evans | A Review With A Little Rant




TITLE: Tycoon

AUTHOR: Katy Evans


He wasn’t always this rich. This hot. This difficult.
Aaric Christos was a guy who protected me. Wanted me. Maybe even loved me.
That man is gone.
In his place is the most powerful real estate tycoon in the city.
He’s a cold, ruthless, aggressive businessman.
The only one who can save me and my startup from ruin.
It takes every ounce of courage to put my pride aside and ask for his help.
I didn’t expect him to offer it easily.
And he doesn’t.
Instead, he vets me harder than he’s vetted anyone.
Don’t invest in what you don’t know, he says.
He’s assessing every piece of me, to the point I’ve never felt so bare.
I yearn for the boy I once knew, whose touch once craved me.
Putting it all on the line will be worth it, I tell myself.
Until I realize—too late—that some risks are not worth taking.


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Okay, so let me start out by saying I LOVE Katy Evans. I have really enjoyed everything I have read from her, The Whitehouse Duet, Ladies Man, and Womanizer are some of my favorites. Tycoon though, just didn’t have it. I have seen this book getting so much hype with other bloggers, and I just don’t understand it.

Until the 50% mark I was kind of trying to feel the storyline. It had potential, I maybe didn’t love it, but up until that point I didn’t hate it either. So what changed? The writing. I swear from 50% to about 70% the writing became so choppy I was having to go back and re-read on multiple occasions. From about 75% to the end the writing smoothed back out a little but still wasn’t the great writing I have become accustomed to with Evans. I seriously read this book TWICE thinking maybe it was just me. Unfortunately, the second time around it just made it worse, I only made it to about 70%.

Now, on to the the characters. I normally connect so well with  male leads in books. I am always open with my love of a good male MC. However, I really just didn’t like the way Aaric was written. He was arrogant, but not in a good way. I feel like he yanked Bryn around too much, and I simply just didn’t connect with him. Nor did I really feel like we got to know the real him. On the other hand, I didn’t really connect with Bryn either. Simple as that. I did enjoy the backstory Evans created for her, but that was about it.

Generally, I love a second chance romance. I love a “work” relationship. I love the sexy businessman type. But for Tycoon encompassing all of these I just really couldn’t do it. On top of all of this I think the ending was an easy way out. I think that what happened in the end could have been played up way more throughout the story. (I don’t want to give any spoilers away) but Aaric had a problem, and bam Bryn puts some puzzle pieces together and magically it is all fixed. I think that this aspect could have either been played up in a different way, or simply just not included. The way it was handled read like a last minute attempt to add some extra drama.

I am very appreciative to the author for receiving an ARC of this, and I wish I had enjoyed it more. I understand that this book has received a lot  of hype, and that tastes are not always the same. So maybe this book is for others and you will enjoy it, in fact I hope you do. But for me, I will just be over here hoping that Sara and Ian’s story is more of a hit. ( and I am super excited to hear their story!!)

Overall Rating: 2/5 Stars

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