A Wrap-Up of April & May

Hello loves!

I know these past couple months I have seriously been failing at this whole blogging thing. I know, I know…it isn’t like I have been totally MIA, but I have been more active on Twitter than actually blogging. But alas my goal is to get back to it. I have read a TON of good books lately and I am planning on having some great reviews coming your way! It is already the 4th of June, so I know this is coming to you late but I always enjoy doing my  monthly wrap-up posts. I think it is a good way to showcase all the good reads I enjoyed the month before. I didn’t post an April wrap up so technically its possible some of these books were actually read then. Really, I am so bad at keeping it all separated, all my days just flow together and it is hard to tell them all apart (thats why they created the amazing Goodreads to keep track for you!!). I guess that is what happens when you adult and you are working all the time. This wrap-up will strictly be that books I have read, not a whole lot happened on the blog so there isn’t really anything to wrap. But without further waiting lets get to it. Untitled design (3)




I think that is all that I read in April…It was a slower reading month for me for sure, I had a lot of things I was doing which didn’t leave a ton of time for reading.

Untitled design (3)



As you can see I read quite a few more books in May…but still managed not to have many posts on the blog. I do plan to posts reviews for most of these books. So be on the lookout!!

Untitled design (3)

So there you have it! That’s what I have been reading lately. What do you guys think of my readings these past 2 months? Have you read any of these? Have any thoughts? Let’s chat! And as always feel free to link up your wrap-up posts below! I would love to see what everyone if reading!

Until next time…

Kaytlyn (3)

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