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By The Hour by Roni Loren | Tour & Review

Meet the Author:

Roni wrote her first romance novel at age fifteen when she discovered writing about boys was way easier than actually talking to them. Since then, her flirting skills haven’t improved, but she likes to think her storytelling ability has. If she’s not working on her latest sexy story, you can find her cooking, watching reality television, or picking up another hobby she doesn’t need–in other words, procrastinating like a boss. She is a RITA Award winner and a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

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About the Book:

From the New York Times bestselling author of Off the Clock comes a story of love, hate, and the fire that ignites when the two collide…

Dr. Elle McCray has a plan. Work hard. Be the best. And do it alone. After her ex-husband’s betrayal, she’s learned being feared is a hell of a lot easier than being humiliated. So when trouble personified, Lane Cannon, dares to flirt with her, she shuts him down cold. Too gorgeous. Too cocky. And his job as The Grove’s sexual surrogate is to sleep with patients. No, thank you.

Former escort Lane Cannon has spent enough years with people looking down on him. Stupid. Trailer trash. Rent boy. He’s heard it all. He’s worked too hard to shed his past to let some haughty doctor cut him down. But something about Elle’s ice queen act has his dominant instincts perking up and his body taking notice. He can’t walk away.
After an evening of verbal sparring turns into a night of steamy hate sex, Lane’s ready for round two. But Elle proposes a business deal. How better to keep things strictly physical than to pay him for his services?
Lane wants her, not her money. But he’ll play along in exchange for one thing—all the control. It’s only supposed to be a dirty little fling between colleagues, but these two are about to learn a lesson in love…by the hour.
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Okay guys, let me just start by saying I fan girl-ed the FUCK out when I found out I got to review By The Hour. Roni Loren is my all time favorite author…and 100% of the reason I have an addiction to romance. I haven’t read a Loren book I didn’t love ( and I have read them all). So seriously I was so excited to have the opportunity to review her new one! If I could bring all of Loren’s men to life I would seriously be in heaven… and Lane Cannon was no different! Really though, every book Loren does is just an instant hit with this girl so it is no surprise that I LOVED By The Hour!

We meet both Elle and Lane in Off The Clock, the first book in this series, and I have to say while I loved Lane from the get go I was not a big fan of Elle. Lane is the smokin’ hot sex surrogate that works on the X-wing at The Grove. He is one of those people you just can’t help but love, he is kind hearted and genuine, even though he has come through quite the past to get to where he is today. Elle McCray is the ice queen, as the head doctor in the rehab unit, she has a reputation that makes even the her co-workers run. After a failed marriage, she turned her heart into a fortress and refuses to let anyone in. Her career, and maybe some hate sex every once in a while is all she needs to keep her going. The chemistry between these two is OFF THE CHARTS…I thought my kindle was going to go up in flames! What starts as hate sex quickly becomes so much more between these two.

I love Loren’s writing style, she creates such amazing characters and stories it is hard not to fall in love with each one. While the Pleasure Principles Series, Off the Clock and now By The Hour, are significantly tamer than her Loving on The Edge Series, Loren still manages to give us a steamy hot read with a little bit of kink mixed in. The relationship between Elle and Lane was such an explosive one. There was so much hate and anger driving them to begin with, but as they learned each others story you see the utter passion come through. Loren did such a phenomenal job and taking Elle from one of my most disliked characters in any of her books, to one of my favorites. We finally get to understand where she was coming from and what made her the infamous ice queen she is today. Her story was heartbreaking, although, in all honesty probably one of my favorite backstories out of all Loren’s books. We also get to glimpse more into Lane’s past, from prostitution to sex surrogate he journey is also one that I enjoyed.

This book was amazing, it’s steamy, and sexy, and a little kinky…but overall it is a epic love story about what happens when you finally let yourself open up. I am so glad that Loren decided to give Lane and Elle a book. If you haven’t picked up this book yet you most definitely should get it on your list!

Overall Rating: 5/5 Sexy Stars!


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