February Wrap-up & Update

Hello to all my lovely people out there! I know I am a couple (7) days late for this post, however, I feel like I have been away from my blog for a hot minute. I feel like the last couple weeks I have just wanted to step back a little bit and give myself some time to get caught up on my reading. So I haven’t been posting as much as normal. Not to mention on a personal note February SUCKED, so I really have just been trying to get my life back together it feels like, I was super sick, work was a nightmare, and I had quite a few things going on. Alright, lets get down to business though. This post is going to break down what I read in the month of February, as well as important things that happened around The Bohemian Bookworm. So let’s get started.






Okay so 12 books overall in the month of February, I don’t think that is too bad at all! I am way ahead of my Goodreads challenge, which makes me way excited. However, I do think that I over scheduled myself this month, which led to a LOT of stress on my part as far as planning goes. I do plan to cut back a little bit on review copies for a month or two so I can get caught up with all the other reading I want to do.

Untitled design (3)

Happenings On

So this month brought lots of exciting things. First… I created some new graphics!! I have always had a love for elephants, they really are like my spirit animal! So I decided to incorporate that into my design a little bit. Not to mention I am loving the black and pink color scheme! So hopefully you all are enjoying the new look of The Bohemian Bookworm! It will probably take me a little bit to get older posts switched over to this look so please bear with me.

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Untitled design (3)

So there you have a look at the month of February. Sorry it took me so long to get around to it! What did you guys read last month? Did you read any of these books? Let’s chat below!!

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