Parker by Jillian Quinn | Review


Title: Parker

Author: Jillian Quinn

Series: #1 in the Face-Off Series

Goodreads Synopsis:

I’m Alex Parker, the best defenseman in the NHL, heartbreaker, and troublemaker. My team had the best penalty kill record in the league, thanks to me. I was on a winning team and so close to the Stanley Cup before I hooked up with the wrong puck bunny—the team owner’s granddaughter. Oops! So, they shipped me off to Philadelphia to play for the Flyers, one of the worst teams in the league.

My agent thinks I need to clean up my act. I drink too much. I sleep around too much. He assigns Charlotte Coachman, aka Coach, to whip me into shape. Coach is a sexy as hell sports agent that challenges me, and every time we’re around each other it’s as if we’re having our own face-off. I want her but she has strict rules about dating clients. And I like breaking them




Okay, so I admit I might not be a big sports viewer, however, I am a HUGE fan of sports romance, especially hockey. I also enjoyed Jillian Quinn’s first novel Corrupt Me so I just knew I would enjoy Parker, and I did! It was steamy and sexy and right up my alley!

Alex Parker is the bad boy of hockey. He has found himself on a path of self destruction, his poison of choice? Drinking and women. Parker is good at what he does, but his bad boy ways get him into too much trouble and he gets traded to one of the worst teams in the league. I LOVED Alex, not going to lie. You guys know I’m a sucker for a bad boy that has a big heart, and Alex was the perfect combination. Yes he is a total manwhore and an egotistical ass, however, he is such a sweet flirt and has such a big heart! Especially with kids and his younger fans, I mean come on that is swoon worthy in it’s own right. He is also struggling with the passing of his dad, he can’t seem to find his way until the hard ass Coach puts him back on track.

Charlotte Coachman is one of the best sports agents there is, she is tough and ruthless, and she doesn’t take any shit from the men she works with. She has worked hard to get where she is, in the midst of a male dominated career. I loved Coach as a female lead as well. I always love a female lead that has a backbone, and let me tell you she is VERY hard on Parker. But let’s be honest she is a badass, and it’s what he needed so it is totally okay! But Coach has another side to her, Charlotte, and while Coach is a badass, Charlotte, is still a little broken from the things that happened in the past. I think that writing a character like Charlotte really added an extra level to this book. It gave her character more depth and appeal.

Parker had the same kind of writing style that I enjoyed from Quinn in Corrupt Me. And if you have read Corrupt Me, then you will see some nods to that book in Parker. However, I do think I enjoyed the overall writing in this book a little bit more. The flow and timing of this book was well done. It was what I expected going in, and I wasn’t disappointed. I think for me the only thing that could have taken this book up one level would be a little bit of sexual tension between Coach and Jamie, her best friend, but even without that I still enjoyed this book thoroughly. I would highly recommend tis for anyone who likes a hot romance within the sports world. I can’t wait for the next one in this series from Quinn!

Also, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the hockey references thrown in during the sex scenes! I think that was a first and man was it H-O-T!!


Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars

10 thoughts on “Parker by Jillian Quinn | Review

  1. Love your review! 😍 Thank you so much! I laughed so hard while writing the hockey penalties during sex. I was watching hockey and writing down the ideas in my book and just had to go there. lol I’ve never seen it done in a hockey book and couldn’t resist. 🙂


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