Review | Pop Rock Charity Ferrell


Title: Pop Rock

Author: Charity Ferrel

Published: October 17th 2016

Goodreads Synopsis:

We’ve all seen the headlines about him.

Knox Rivers is music’s out of control, all over TMZ, and under the impression that he’s God’s gift to the female population bad boy.

He steals hearts with his music and then breaks them with his behavior.
He’s also my new boss, and I’m going to be traveling across the country with him on tour.

There’s no way I would’ve taken the job if I weren’t so desperate, but after my dad lost all of his money for not paying taxes, I’m left broke, homeless, and unable to pay my tuition only a year shy of receiving my degree.
I have this under control. I’m the daughter of a rock legend who’s used to being around these types of men, but I’m finding myself more drawn to him with every passing mile.

I’m fighting to keep our relationship professional while he’s pushing to show me there’s more to him than what’s plastered all over the tabloids.

Desire starts triumphing my rationality.

I’m throwing all my rules out the window.
I’ll deal with the repercussions when the gas tank runs dry.




Knox Rivers…



That music video scene though….

Libby has fallen on some bad luck. Her father, who was a rock superstar, has gone to prison, and now she is left to figure out how to live her life on her own. She takes up a job working as the assistant for one of pop’s biggest bad boys, Knox Rivers. Of course the sexual chemistry is off the charts, especially after a very intense music video shoot, but her job is to get his image back on track and be a winning assistant…not to sleep with her boss. Libby fights her pull to Knox, but with her tagging along on his new tour it is hard to keep her distance. Libby is the kind of female lead that I enjoy. She is strong willed, determined, and a little bit feisty. She is working hard to finish up her degree so she can put her career and dreams into motion, and doesn’t stumble too far when he father goes to prison. Knox is your typical egotistical pop star, but he is hiding his sweet caring side from the world. Come on guys who isn’t a sucker for that kind of male lead?!? Not me, I was in love within the first chapter!

This book is what you would expect from your typical, pop/rock start romance. Other than the fact that I swooned over Knox, this book didn’t really bring anything special to the table for me. I am not going to say that it was a bad read, because by all means it wasn’t, it was a quick read with a lot of swoon worthy moments. However, I simply felt like it was a little lackluster. It provided what I expected going in. I wasn’t disappointed with anything in this book, but it wasn’t over the top exciting either. I think that if there had been some sort of original element that drew me into the plot maybe I would have been a little more excited about it. The writing was enjoyable, and like I said there were lots of swoon worthy steamy moments, but nothing to make me go WOW.

Overall, it was just a little lackluster. If you like pop/rock star romances, give it a shot maybe you will enjoy it better than I did.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?

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