Author Interview with Jillian Quinn


Hello my loves! Today I am brining you something new! As you guys know I have been participating in the blog tour to help promote the awesome new book Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn. Well today I am going to be posting an author interview that I was lucky enough to participate in with the lady herself, Jillian Quinn!!

And by all means if you haven’t checked out Corrupt Me yet, what are you waiting for??

Where did you come up with the idea for Izzie and Luca’s story?

I was having one of my Mafia movie binge days, switching from the movie Goodfellas to The Godfather, both of which are my favorite movies of all time, and I started to think about the relationships between both Karen and Henry in Goodfellas as well as Michael and Kay in The Godfather. Karen was strong and stood up to Henry, and I always respected her for that, where Kay backed down to Michael and let him control her and the kids until she finally had the nerve to leave him. Izzie’s character was inspired by the portrayal of Karen Hill by Lorriane Bracco in Goodfellas.


Before they get married in the movie, Karen says that she knew Henry was a bad man and it turned her on. The same thing is true of Izzie Rinaldi in Corrupt Me when she is rekindled with Luca Marchese. When it comes to The Godfather, I always wanted to write a character that reminded me of Michael Corleone, and I found that in Izzie. She’s not your typical heroine and she will do anything to protect her family just like Michael.


What was the most difficult part about creating Corrupt Me?

I wouldn’t say it was difficult, but I did a lot of research about the Mafia online and from watching History Channel. I had to make sure I had all of the laws factored into the novel as well as the correct structure for the companies and the documents I mention in the book. I also modeled the Rinaldi family history off actual events in history that I put my own spin on and made them original.

Do you have any rituals to get your creative juices flowing?

I like to listen to music while I’m writing to drown out the background noise and get into my characters’ heads. I also go to Starbucks and get a venti latte to stay awake and full of energy.

What is the next project you will be working on?

My next novel, Parker, is a hockey romance novel that is part of the Face-Off series. Parker comes out on February 14, 2017. I am also releasing Divine Powers, a fantasy romance novel about witches and magic on May 9, 2017. I’m also working on a companion novella for Corrupt Me that I am planning to give out for free to all of my newsletter subscribers as well as writing other books in the Philly Corruption and Face-Off series.

Who are some of the authors you are currently loving?

I love Jamie McGuire, Teresa Mummert, Kasie West, and Colleen Hoover. They are my go-to romance authors, except I have read all of their books and need more.

What do you think makes a good romance novel?

Most romance novels lack a real plot, which is why I think strong character development is the most important aspect. When I developed Corrupt Me, I wanted to write a romance novel with an actual plot that you follow through the series, but I truly believe solid characters are essential, whether you have a good plot or not. You could write an office romance novel, which usually have almost no plot, but if the characters are well developed and fun to read about, the entire book could be set in a closet and the reader wouldn’t mind.

What drew you to the idea of a mafia romance?

I had never read a Mafia romance novel before I wrote Corrupt Me, and I always had this idea in my head from the first time I watched Goodfellas and The Godfather. It just took me about fifteen years to finally consider it a worthy idea to write about. I am also a huge fan of mafia movies and TV shows.

You also run a successful blog, any tips or suggestions for us bloggers out here?

If you’re struggling with ideas for posts most of the time the inspiration is already there, you just need to look for it. As a book blogger and writer, I know how hard it is to come up ideas, but most of the time, those ideas are already right in front of you. If I were stuck on an idea for a new post, I would start by asking myself what things I like, are there certain genres I want to promote, or what discussion posts haven’t I read a thousand times and would like to read.

Can we get some details on the next book in the Philly Corruption series?


The second book in the Philly Corruption Series is Totally Corrupt. You will meet Mario Marchese, one of Luca’s twin brothers, both of which are heavily involved in the family business.


Here’s the working synopsis for the Totally Corrupt.


Ashley McGinley is a good girl. I’m a bad man. She’s a dreamer. I’m a criminal. Most of all, she’s forbidden, and I will do anything to have one more night with her.

Mario Marchese is the son of the most notorious man in Philadelphia. I’m the daughter of his biggest rival. He’s persistent and sexy…and I can’t get enough of him. But my father would kill him if he found out about us.

Mario says I’m worth the risk. I think good things come to those who wait. He’s a thug, a wise guy. And I’m totally corrupted.


Thanks for answering all my questions Jillian! I hope you all enjoyed this post. And make sure to check out Corrupt Me!

Until next time…



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