October Wrap Up

Well here we are at then end of October, like seriously where did it go? I am sad to see my favorite month of the year come to a close. I hope you all had a great and exciting month! I do feel like I had a good reading month as well as a good blogging month. I feel like I finally got on a blogging schedule where I have been posting regularly, which has been one of my biggest struggles, as I’m sure most of you guys know. Anyway, this is my wrap of for the month of October including the books I read, reviews I posted, as well as other things that happened here at The Bohemian Bookworm!


The Books








The Reviews


Review | A Love Letter To Whiskey

Thoughts| Only For You by Naima Simone

Review: Slow Burn by Pamela Clare

Craving by Helen Hardt



I know it has taken me a couple days to post this. The past couple days I feel like I have just been a hot mess! Does anyone else have those days where they get home and they just need a glass of wine and good romance? That has been me the last couple days, but alas I am back and overall I think I had a pretty good month full of reading.

How was everyone else’s October? What good books did you read this month?




17 thoughts on “October Wrap Up

  1. My local book club is reading The Girl on the Train this month, what did you think about it? I’m honestly a little anxious to get into it, it’s not my normal type of book I really enjoy reading hahaha


      1. I know!! I’m on the last book of The Calendar a Girl series by her and I am in love!!! I can’t wait to see your review of that one so I can decide if I want to start that series next or the Trinity series. Lol


      2. I know. Me too! lol if they would’ve approved me for the third book I would’ve gone ahead and bought the first two and binge read them. But it’s all good. I get mostly denials on Netgalley so I’m kind of used to it.


      3. Yeah I’m trying not to do that but it’s so hard. I’ve only gotten approved for 3 and I’ve reviewed one, I’m reading one now, and plan to read the third this month. So maybe after that I’ll get a couple more approvals. Good thing I didn’t start blogging for ARCs. lol I’d much rather read the books that I buy.


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