Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Books that have been recommended to me


Well it’s Tuesday again, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! To be honest I am so over it today…on the bright side I have the day off tomorrow (which really means I am just doing laundry and other adult stuff). Anyways it is time for Top Ten Tuesday, which I know I haven’t participated in for a while but none the less. Tope Ten Tuesday is a lovely meme hosted by the great people over at The Broke and the Bookish!

The topic this week is 10 books that you have read based on recommendation from others. So i am going to break it up this week and do 5 that I have read and loved based on recommendation and then 5 that are still on my TBR.

Here we go…

  1. 256683

The Mortal Instruments Series 

I’m not going to lie, I bought the first two books to TMI YEARS ago but I never really had any interest in reading them. I feel like this is one of the most talked about series in the YA blogging world, so of course I had to read them. I am now the owner of a perfect condition boxed set and a dream to be apart of the Shadowhunter world.



The Casquette Girls

Again this is another YA novel, and again one of my favorites. I discovered this one from a user on YouTube and received a reader copy from the publisher. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.



The Girl on the Train

This book was really big when I started blogging last year, and I saw many bloggers raving about it. I would have made it around to it eventually…maybe…but the support of the blogging community spurred my interest. This book for me was okay, the movie on the other hand sucked.



The Paris Wife

This one I read at the recommendation of my best friend. Let me be 100% honest here…the writing of this book was beautiful. I mean beautiful, poetic, dreamy, absolutely amazing. However, the story sucked and I hated it.I know it is historical fiction and it is based on the true events of Hemingway’s life…but I just can’t. Enough said.




And last but not least I have to give my husband some credit, although I’ll never tell him that! The Dragonlance Chronicles are his absolute favorite, so of course I had to read them, and I will give it to him they aren’t too bad. I only read the 1st and the 2nd though and will hopefully make it to the others at some point.

These ones are still on my TBR




Hopefully I will be making it to this one this month! I have heard so many great bloggers rave about this book and I can’t wait!



A Darker Shade of Magic

V.E. Schwab is an author that many is raved about in the blogosphere.  haven’t read anything from her but I am looking forward to it.



The Deal

I’ve seen the Off Campus Series on several different blogs and it looks right up my alley, can’t wait to dive into these.



All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

I added this one to my TBR after reading a review for it by one of my favorite authors Roni Loren.



Night Circus

Lets be honest who hasn’t recommended this book? Also my best friend threatened to stop speaking to me if I didn’t read this one!

Have thoughts? Want to leave your Top Ten? 

Do so below…I love to hear for you guys!

Have a great Tuesday



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books that have been recommended to me

  1. I hope that you will enjoy You as much as I did. If you like it then you should also pick the second book in the series, Hidden Bodies. I also read The Girl on the Train this year, it was my bookclub pick for January. Enjoy all your books.


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