Craving by Helen Hardt

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday so far! I just got home from a LONG day at work…but really every day is a long day at work, am I right? Anyways, tonight I am here to bring you a review of Craving by Helen Hardt, I was very happy to receive a copy from review through NetGalley. This book has been on my TBR list for a while seeing as it has been popping up all over my Facebook and I am seeing ads for it everywhere. So thank you for sending me a copy!



Title: Craving

Author: Helen Hardt

Series: 1st in the Steel Brothers Saga

Rating: 3.5

The Rundown:

So Craving follows the story of Jade Roberts after her fiance leaves her at the alter. Needing to get away Jade flees with her best friend Marjorie to her ranch on the Western Slope of Colorado. Here she meets Marjorie’s middle brother Talon who is a damaged soul, Jade is drawn to Talon’s dark brooding ways and they have some steamy middle of the night encounters. Jade, however, knows their are missing pieces to the story with the Steel siblings and she is set to figure them out. Craving is a dark, intense story of love between two lost souls.

Okay so first off, it was extremely hard for me to put a rating to this book. I enjoyed this book,I did! However, there were some things that I really just couldn’t get behind. First of all, I am from the Western Slope of Colorado, so in my mind I was trying to place all things in this book…of course, that  is my fault, and by no means any fault of the book. It is however, hard trying to picture a imaginary world when you know what it looks like in real life. It was an interesting new experience for me thats for sure. Outside of that this book had me gripped from the get go, give me a dreamy brooding cowboy and I’m happy.


Jade’s character raw and relatable. I could definitely see myself in her place, left at the alter, moving to a new place, working at a winery until she can practice law, and trying but failing to not fall in love with her best friends brother. Of course she also is one of those women who doesn’t know when to stop digging…and the Steels have a LOT of secrets!

Talon Steel on the other hand is not so relatable, at least to me. You can tell right from the get go that he is struggling with some demons, and his chapters have flash backs of a time when he was younger, when he was held captive, he was also a Marine, which doesn’t help with the brooding emotional problems.

While I really did enjoy reading the story that unfolded between these two characters, there was one main problem I had with this book, that being the way the sex scenes were written. I did not enjoy the dialogue and narrative of the sex scenes…like at all. They were choppy and not entirely believable. I felt like Hardt could have gone into a bit more…anything…for these scenes. They didn’t flow and I wasn’t swept up into them as I am in other books of this nature.

With that being said, the mystery aspect of this book kept me hooked and will probably keep me interested enough to continue reading the rest of this series.

In the end…

Would you recommend this book? Yes!

Who would you recommend this book to? Anyone who liked Fifty Shades, Crossfire, or The Hacker Series 

Have you guys read this book? What are you thoughts? Will you be reading this book?

Until next time loves…


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