Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Settings I Love

Hey guys! It’s Tuesday which means it is time for the weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke And Bookish!



This weeks topic is anything to do with historic or futuristic societies. I am a hug history buff so this week I am going to be going with my Top Ten Favorite Historic Settings!




  1. Medieval Europe– This is by far my favorite time in history. From the Crusades to the Black Death I really just can’t get enough of this time period…weather it be reading history books or historical fiction set in this time frame I just love it all!
  2. Italian Renaissance– This is just such a spectacular time frame, and a big one, these times were full of wonderful art, lots of drinking, and lots of scandal.
  3. 1920’s Paris– As much as I hated The Paris Wife, I really do love the fun of the Roaring 20’s. Drinking and skimpy clothes were on the rise along with love affairs and sone magnificent writers. The 20’s is when women finally start to break out of their shell, and the stories that come along with that are spectacular!
  4. Tudor England– Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn…My two favorite people in history…Enough said…
  5. Ancient Greek/Rome/Egypt– Ahhh…The mythology along is enough to spark my fancy!
  6. Pre-Monarchy Europe– Anything from the Celtics, to the Vikings, to the Picts. I love all the magic in the world before Catholicism and Monarchy ruined it.
  7. 18th and 19th Century England Jane Austen anyone?
  8. WW II–  As sad and as heartbreaking as most of these stories are they really are moving. This was such a hard time in history.
  9. Colonial America Mostly, more specifically, The Salem Witch Trials…Have I stated that I’m a sucker for magic, witchcraft, ann/or anything involving witched?
  10. The Victorian Era– Yep pretty much perfection for me!



Okay guys, I feel like I had a really hard time just picking 10! This hit the spot with me being a history major! I really just had to go vague because the list would have been miles long if I hadn’t and I don’t know that you would have stuck around to read it!


What are your guy’s thought? What are your Top Ten Favorite Historical Settings? Feel free to leave your answers below or link to your TTT Post!!


Until Next Week…





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