January Wrap-Up

So here we are…February 1st…And Colorado is getting hit hard with a winter storm there is quite a nice blanket of snow covering my back yard. I personally hate the snow, so this is like a nightmare of a day for me, however Duke, my English Bulldog, absolutely loves playing around in it. Anyway, considering the current state of weather outside what better things to do then write up some lovely blog posts!

January, was a very good reading month for me. I feel like I read more books this month then I have in a long time.

Books Read In Total: 10  

Now I didn’t quite reach my goal, however, I had set my goal fairly high so even so I am still very proud of my reading this month!

Books I read this January: 

(In no particular order)

Cinder by Marissa Meyer- 4/5 stars

Bared To You by Sylvia Day- 4/5  (re-read)

Reflected In You by Sylvia Day- 4/5 stars

Entwined With You by Sylvia Day- 4/5 stars

Captivated By You by Sylvia Day- 3/5 stars

This Song Is (Not) For You by Laura Nowlin- 2/5 stars

This Is Where It Ends- 5/5 stars

Consent by Nancy Ohlin- 4/5 stars

Bound & Teased by Marie Tuhart- 3/5 stars

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge- 5+/5 stars

Books I Bought This Month:

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Last Month I did a lot of Library Hauls as I really just didn’t have the money to purchase all the books I wanted, and this was a great alternative, even though I would prefer to purchase my books!

So that is my January Wrap-up! I will be posting full review of some of these books shortly! I will also be adding my February TBR Post as well, with the addition of how I came to the decision to create my TBR Jar!!

What did you guys read and acquire in January? Feel free to leave yours in the comments below below and/or link toy your January Wrap-Up! I love to keep up to date on what you guys are reading!

Happy February 1ST! Where did the time go?



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