The Random Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Jessica over at The Awkward Book Blogger to do The Random Tag!! Thank you so much for the tag love!


Alright so this doesn’t have much to do with books but it’s fun so let get this thing started…


What is your favorite food?

Ahhh…food how I love you so! There are so many great things that I love to eat…jeez I really just love to eat! Haha! But as far as my favorite I would have to go with any form of pasta, or bread, or a nice juicy steak! 



What are you having for dinner tonight/what did you have for dinner tonight?


I honestly have no idea…I suck at planning so I will probably figure it out as soon as my husband gets home.


Who was the last person you emailed?


I really really HATE emailing so I don’t even know who the last person I emailed  was.


What sports do you do?


I don’t play sports I read books! Haha but does yoga count as a sport?


Do you play any musical instruments?


Nope. Im really not good at a lot of things. I wanted to learn to play the guitar and I signed up to take lessons right before my freshman year of high school but that lasted all of two weeks…maybe….I suck at things that require practice I don’t have the patience.


Do you have any pets hates?


Yes!! I have a almost 2 year old English Bulldog named Duke. He is my fur baby and I absolutely love him. He has such a personality and he is so much fun! However, on the other hand he is also a major pain in the butt…haha but worth it I guess.



Alright guys I’m supposed to tag 5 people…so here are the people I tag, if you don’t feel like participating no worries!


Emma @ Little Book Wyrm

Dee @ The Bookish Khaleesi

Rae @ Bookmark Chromicles

Becca @ Becca Eats Books

Katrina @ Turning Pages




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