Review: The Passenger

The PassengerThe Passenger by Lisa Lutz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book from NetGalley.

I was very excited to receive a copy of this book, the description was fascinating and Lisa Lutz is a well known author, so to say I was excited going in was an understatement. I really did enjoy this book, however, I felt like it was missing some of the spark that all the other thriller/mystery novels that are so big lately have.

This book opens up with they death of Tanya Dubois husband, he has fallen/been pushed down a flight of stairs, and Tanya on the run even though she states her innocence. This beginning is strong and had me hooked from the get go, I like nothing more then a nice death to start out my thriller novels, however as the story moves forward it looses quite a bit of that momentum.

The characters Lisa Litz creates in this book are all fascinating, from all the identities that Tanya travels through during her journey in this book to the people she meets such as Blue and Domenic. I also loved the writing style Lutz brought into this book.

Where this book fall a little flat for me is that throughout Tanya’s journey the storyline loses a little bit of its thriller quality and it becomes a little more focused on just Tanya, or whatever identity she is using at the time, living her day to day life on the run. Yes, there are points where the story picks up, and I genuinely enjoyed these parts, but overall I felt that they were far and few between and it was hard to keep me engaged in these lulls. On top of that throughout the story you have added in communication between Tanya’s character and a mystery many from one of her past life’s that drops hint on why this whole story began. I felt that these did add an element of suspense to the story, however, I felt that the overall ending was not as climatic as I would have liked.

Overall, like I said I did enjoy this book and it was an interesting read, I just don’t think that it will be jumping to the top of my favorite thrillers list anytime soon.

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